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POEA License No.: POEA-158-LB-091019-R  - License Valid from Oct 26, 2019 to Oct 25, 2023
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DESERTWEALTH International Services Corporation was established in October 6, 1981 bearing the name Industrial Manpower Enterprises Company. In 1984 the company name was changed to its present name "Desertwealth International Services Corporation" with the main objective of providing qualified manpower to overseas clients. Up to this date, we have deployed more than 15,000 workers worldwide.


As we enter our second decade of operation, and armed with better experience and expertise, we aspire to improve further our track record, to forge ahead and seek more partners to fill the manpower needs of industries, homes, offices, hospitals and the like worldwide. We rise to the challenge of a fast moving world with a vision of anticipating the dictates of a new century, answering the needs of sophisticated clients and performing the equal demands of manpower search. We desire to contribute in our modest ways, in the realization of optimum productivity, progress and peace for all. Opportunities are indeed limitless to make our lives a lot better.


Our management and staff are graduates of special courses in human resources management with extensive trainings and experiences. They are competent to work under extreme pressure to meet deadlines and efficiently program schedules to be able to coordinate in the various aspects of documentation.


Through all the years. we have been doing the full spectrum of excellent manpower search. DESERTWEALTH International Services Corporation, could very well be your "MOST TRUSTED PHILIPPINE AGENT."

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